Sunday, September 16, 2012

16.09.2012 Big Family :D

Hey hey hey! :D
I know my blog is officially dead HAHAHA
Okay okay, I'll keep updating from now.
I want my blog to be alive & full of memories :)
My holiday started! (Y)
But sad to say, I don't feel like leaving here.
There's a lot of memories given to me this trimester.
I've a brunch/group of crazy, nice & lovely housemates.
It's like a big family.
We always go lunch, dinner & supper together.
We always stay up late at night to play/study together.
We always cook special things together.
We always go out to "longkai" together.
I really appreciate our friendship & this special relationship.
I believe in fate that pulled us closer :)
Hope it will last forever no matter where we are.
Had a bbq farewell with them yesterday.
It was great! :D
We played 'RunningMan' before the bbq in whole Westlake area.
Imagine how big is the area, but actually it was very fun.
And we started our bbq about 10.30pm, first experience started the bbq so late!
It ended about 4am in the morning with all the things being cleaned up.
My wishes for everyone before I move to Setapak is :
Good luck & all the best in studies! Don't stress stress! Supper must jio me although I'm not in Kampar. Kekeke!
Will be very miss them.
Thank you for tolerate with me all this while.
I'm sorry if I hurt any of you before.
Anyway, before I end this post, I gotta say :

Photo time :

First, I'm gonna introduce my roommate`

This is KitYing! :D
My roommate for this trimester`
She's very nice & friendly 
She always call me "Biao Shao".
Will have less chances to hear her voice already :(


This is Ann Zai! :D
The leader of the house?
Another nice & friendly housemate/friend`

This is Ah Hak! :D
We can call him Domoko too`
Ada Domoko, ada momoko`
Stay sweet ya!

This is Poor Ong! :D
He's my Zaizai`
Most of the time, he'll be a tutor to everyone`
You will know what I mean if you know him well ;p

This is Kai Zheng! :D
Because of this photo, he's given a nickname "CC" since the first trimester`
He brings lot of joys to us`
He's very hyperactive too` Keke

This is SheeLoon! :D
Mario of the house`
Sometimes, he's funny with his characteristics ;p

This is Hades! :D
The youngest one in our family`
He's really good in sports`

My last housemates :
One year before ;p

One year after ;p

This is LipLeow! :D
My fatty baby`
Big changes right? Because of me
Proud to have him in my life`

Group photos!

Best of luck! :D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

02.06.2012 第二十五届佛青生活营的点点滴滴


     还记得在去年的 DYC 时,我也是当督导,当时的我非常轻松,因为他们大多数是小孩子嘛。今年的佛青就不同了,营员们都是成人了,可是他们让我在他们身上学习了很多东西。让我从头说起吧。星期六,是工委们的进营日,当时我在想我好想回家哦~ 因为突然觉得时间过得特别慢 @.@ 可是在营员们进营的第二天时,不想回家的感觉就来了。与我的组员的关系越来越好。也感到很幸运因为大部分的组员我都认识和合作过的。

     一天过一天,我看到了组员们的成长,真的很合作,很用心。无论是在游戏时,听课时,吃饭时,大家都做到最好。有时候,我觉得自己其实很惭愧。反而我身为督导的,听课时,还会打瞌睡。佛青教了我一件很重要的事,那就是营前一定要做功课。多多少少一定要知道有关佛教和那届营的主题。我一定不会忘记的!在这里,虽然我的组员都不会看到我写的这篇发表,可是我真的很谢谢他们。他们对我的包容,理解是没人感觉到的。通常如果有工委做的不好,营员们都会去评论他们,可是当我做的不好时,组员们反而更加鼓励我和安慰我。谢谢你们,我爱正业组 :)


     看完电影后,建伟师兄都和我们分享了小小的环节。我觉得最有意义就是感恩夜里的活动。它让我知道路是要自己走的,我们做错事时,父母不能代替我们而坐牢,朋友不能代替我们而坐牢,老师也不能代替我们而坐牢。自己的生命是掌握在自己的手里,没有人能帮到我们。别人能牵着我们的手,可是路要我们自己走的。每个人包括我自己都肯定有埋怨的事,比如说,讨厌某些人,埋怨父母,生气朋友等等~ 可是,你肯定你要永远抱着这一个心态吗?你觉得你会开心吗?开不开心,放不放得下?一切其实都是自己可以改变的。所以你要选择开心的路,还是伤心的路?你自己决定吧~

     经过这一届的感恩夜,我开通了很多很多~ 我学会了成长,我也选择了属于自己的路。把所有的不愉快都忘了,不回头看,努力往前走。开得到别人的心结的人其实并不多,也并不容易,谢谢你建伟师兄,也谢谢佛青。


我會牽著你的手  但是路要自己走 

面對選擇的時候  聽聽心底寧靜的角落 

有一天我會放手  因為路要自己走 
失去方向的時候 記得抬頭仰望 清澈的天空 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

10.05.2012 Updates.

Hey, my dearest blog.
Just realised I've not been updating you since January.
I actually did but when every time I update you, I could only update half and save it.
I tell myself I'll be continue the next part when I'm free but at last I forget about it.
Even now, I don't know where can i find back the post i saved as draft.
Blogging system seems changed a lot.
My CUTE/NORMAL slideshow has lost too.
I really love it so much.
I went back to the website and has been closed.
It wrote something due to retired or whatever.
Feel so sad.
I've been spending my time on the slideshow and made a perfect one.
But now :(

Gotta change everything about my blog when I really have the heart and time.
I want to create another layout but it surely takes time.
I'm so lazy. HAHAHA
But I promised myself that I will do it as fast as possible.
Perhaps between this two weeks. '

Okay, I don't know what to blog.
So, I'll blog whatever that comes to my mind now.
Met on a small accident this Monday.
The story started when I want to turn into the row of my friend's house.
I think I did open the signal before I turn.
And this stupid auntie, she was on motorbike with her grandchildren I think.
She wanted to go straight but she cut from the right side of my car. WTF?
If you want to go straight, you see people with signal on the right, you will still cut from the right?
Honestly, I were panicked after the accident.
But I feel lucky that two of my friends were with me that time.
They really helped me a lot.
And the most luckiest thing that I've think about is no one injured in the accident.
Only car damaged :(
Somehow, after the accident, I felt stupid for not memorizing her motorbike plate number.
I felt stupid for not taking any claim from the auntie.
But everything is passed now.
This is only a part of the story and I don't think I will blog about the next part, or else it will be a long long bored post :P

Currently having my semester break for about a month.
When there's a break, I hope to go to the campus as soon.
When there's no break, I hope to have a break.
Gosh, I'm so hard to entertain. HAHAHAHA
Sometimes, I just feel too bored.
But at the same time, I enjoy too :P
I just don't know what am I thinking. 
I'm looking forward to trips with him, friends and if I've a chance, with family.
Planned to go Pangkor next week but I heard they maybe change it to Penang :O
I also don't know what they want.
They are hard to entertain too! HAHAHA, nah, I'm just joking.
I'll follow whatever decision they make :)

After my trip, there gonna be a camp for me to attend.
Chinese Dhamma Youth Camp (CDYC).
Kinda happy because some of my friends are joining too.
It's hard to have a camp where we can gather and have fun together.
Venn, Hxin and me got the same post as mentor in the camp.
And Ysin, Ylam as committee.
Gotta update more about it after the camp.

Before I forget!
Good luck to all my babe who're going to get results tomorrow (UTARIAN)! 
Good luck to all my babe who're waiting for the government results!
May you get what you want.
Not to forget, good luck to those babe who're sitting for exams in U and colleges too!
All the best in everyone's degree and future.
Love you all :)

Saw some meaningful quote in facebook!
Gonna share it :)






This is me! :D

I'll stop here.
Just wait for my next post.
#With loves!

Monday, January 23, 2012

23.01.2012 Zzz




Wednesday, January 4, 2012

04.01.2012 Untitled :)

Hello everyone,

Just a short post will be, hehe.

I'm too bored now :)

I did a lots of things today.

I cleaned my cupboard,

I cleaned my room,

I cleaned my table,

I cleaned god's table


I cleaned my shoe rack.

Bravo to myself :P

Next, I've something to share,

Deng deng deng deng ......... :

It's strawberry!

I love this!

So niceeeeeeeee and sweeeeeet :)

Next, my grandma is busying with her 'nga gu beng' nowadays due to the arrival of Chinese New Year.

She fried a lots for my family, relatives and also her friends.

Sometimes, I wanted to help her but end up she will not let me because she says that the oil is very dangerous.

See how caring is her <3

Since I can't help her, so I decided to disturb her aka eating :P

Pictures I snapped :

This is the process xD


 introduce a song to you all :

I Start to love this song :DD

Name of the song :  天使的距离 by 东城卫 :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

02.01.2012 A New Year :)

Arlooo, my dearest blog and buddies!

I'm here to wish all of you Happy New Year 2012! :)

I think I had the craziest countdown year this year.

Full of joy and laughter and 'quarrels' :P

With the other three siao po.

(SiowWei Tan, SiWen Loo, ChiaYee Ong)

Yes, we ss-ed alot.

In front of old town, and everyone is like looking at us.

But we enjoyed it alot.

I think this is the first year I celebrated my New Year/Chinese New Year with my friends if I'm not mistaken.

Randoms :

Next, I think I'll have a lot of things to blog.

Many things come to my mind at this time.

Maybe I should blog down some memories of Year 2011/2012.

Although it had already pass but memories are still memories.

My trimester 2 passed really pass.

Time flies.

15 weeks just ended like this.

But I still love this trimester a lot.

I think I'm not as playful as last trimester.

I think I'm not as lazy as last trimester.

Go through lots of things this trimester.

Sad, happy, disappointed, touch, and of course sweet and sour :)

But it's worth.

I hope that I could get good results for this trimester :D

My Examination Slip :)

 I still have lots of pictures to upload but then it really load damn slow.

So i give up :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

03.12.2011 DYC + ECS + Myself :)

Finally, as planned, I updated my blog.

Because I've too many things to share.

Regarding to exam and the busy week, I delayed my post.

And now, I'm FREE! :)

First thing come to my mind is the DYC Camp.

It's held on 23-27 Nov.

At first, I'm just a committee for the camp.

But at last, due to some emptyness for mentor, I'm promoted to become a mentor.

I was like OMG, and actually I've think a lot a lot of things.

Because most of the committee is only form4, I'm thinking, will they mind if I become a mentor?

I really think a lot even a day before and the real day.

I went back to Ti on the first day of camp's morning.

Actually I'm suppose to back a day before, but I've exam, so I delayed it.

On the way back Ti, I'm really afraid.

Will they mind or anything.

But when I reached PBHP, I know I'm wrong. I'm very very wrong.

They're damn friendly and welcome me all the way.

I feel so grateful to have them. Thank you :)

During the camp, I've learn alot. 

I also get to know alot of friends which come back to help out as a mentor.

My relationship with those form4 committee getting closer and closer.

And last but not least, I've a group of really active and committed group members.

They really have lots of their own idea and creativity on doing some activities.

The camp was fun and I don't feel to go back during the last day.

But camp is camp, we still have to go back :)

Never regret attending this year's DYC Camp because it really bring a lot of happiness to me.

Thanks everyone :)
Mindful Ways, Peaceful Days.
The comment board.
This year's nametag has a big changes :)
This are my group memberssss. Visaka!
During the outdoor task with them :D
All the mentors and also assistant mentors.
Random. Committee during outdoor task :D
Last but not least, my assistant mentor xD

End of the story for DYC. 

I hope I'll have a chance to join again next year :)

It's great!

Next, about my ECS's sketch presentation.

Okay, overall it's totally NOT okay -.-

I've my presentation on next tuesday.

And I'll only start my rehearsal on this Sunday.

Do you think it's enough of time.

During the last meeting, we set that we're not going back hometown this week because we need to do a lot of preparation.

But now, everyone is back.

Just because there's member who need to accompany his girlfriend -.- 

Just because there's member who need to go KL.

Just because everything

Already set the date, why can't you all take out some time to finish up the thing.

Okay, the written presentation, it was supposed to be done by everyone.

But at the end, I'm the only one who do it. 

Reason is because I'M THE ONLY GIRL in the group. 

Damn speechless. @@

What I hope now is we got enough of time and everything go on smoothly.

Went to watch 'Na Xie Nian' with him.

Nice movie! :)

Rate it 9.5/10

I even cried. Awesome!

Another thing :(

This week I argue with him alot of time.

I'm afraid, I'm really afraid.

I not really know what I'm afraid of, but I just don't like the time we argue.

I don't like we don't approach each other,

I don't like we have cold war, 

I don't like we blame each other.

Although every time it just happen for a short while, really a short while, but if I can choose, I'll rather not let all this happens.

 :) Smile :)